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We manufacture high-quality custom screen printed & digital heat applied transfers with the fastest delivery in the industry. Whether you need heat transfers for your business, sports team or just for fun, you need quality printing, quality paper and affordable prices. Our transfers are very easy to use and are extremely cost effective.

Your design:
You can create your own designs and we will make sure it looks amazing. Not an artist? We can also assist you in any of your graphic needs. With your ideas and input our artists will create designs that exceed your expectations. Send us your design or request that we modify any of our thousands of stock designs.

Our Heat Transfers may be inexpensive but their quality is never compromised.  Our Custom Heat Transfers are color fast, durable, soft to the touch and usually outlast the garments they were pressed on. Barber and Company custom heat transfers are printed on premium coated release paper using only the best inks. We test press and inspect your custom ordered heat transfers twice before they are shipped.

Profit potential:
Using Barber and Company Heat Transfers is an effective way to provide fast efficient service to those customers that have the need to place small quantity repeat orders on a regular basis. If you are pre-printing your own line of stock designs for retail sales, on-line sales or are a wholesale distributor, buying custom heat transfers from Barber and Company will allow you to develop a more flexible inventory system, help control your inventory cost, increase your turn-a-round times and eliminate screen printing setup charges.

If your business caters to time sensitive events, fairs and festivals using Barber and Company's screen printed heat transfers will give you a distinct advantage over traditional direct screen printing methods. High quality custom heat transfers are perfect for on-site printing. Customers select from the garment styles, sizes, colors and designs offered, thus creating a made to order sale. If the event was not successful, it is far less costly to throw away the remaining transfers and return the unused blank garments to your vendor, rather than taking a devastating loss on the balance of the unsold screen printed inventory.

  • Transfers can be applied to a wide variety of products.
  • All transfers have a soft feel.
  • Low minimums and high quality printing.
  • No expensive printers, inks or hassle.
  • Open the box and you are in business within minutes.
  • Volume discounts.


Custom Transfer Types Explained:

Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation transfers are made from an ink that “sublimates.”  When heat is applied, this ink goes from a solid to a gas without going through the normal intermediate liquid phase.

When in close contact with polyester and other synthetic materials, these gases penetrate and color the material fibers.

The result is a printed fabric that has no “hand” or “feel” as does most printed apparel. The printed image will be permanent, washable and bright.

Transfers made with sublimation ink will only work on white or very light fabrics and will only work on fabrics that have a high polyester content. Polyester contents as low as 50% will work, but the resulting image colors will be subdued when compared to fabrics containing 100% polyester.

Digital Transfers

Digital transfers are printed with color fast ink on a special media sheet that is designed to transfer to fabric with heat and pressure. The image is cut from the sheet and “masked” with a clear carrier sheet.

To apply to your garment, simply peel the clear carrier sheet and transfer from the backing sheet and press on the garment at 320 degrees F for 10 seconds at medium pressure.

Photorealistic, high definition, unlimited colors and the ability to print on all types and all color fabrics are advantages enjoyed by digital transfers. Minimum order is $25.00

Disadvantages are higher per unit costs and a “hand” or “feel” that may or may not be objectionable depending upon the garments use.

Price is dependent upon several factors including size, quantity and the amount of cutting and weeding necessary to produce your transfers.

To order digital transfers or receive a quote, please email your image in the size you want it to appear on your garment in at least 200 dpi resolution to “custom@barberandcompany.com”. Also, please specify how many transfers you want to order. Customer service will reply with a price quote.

Silk Screened Transfers

Silk screened transfers are made from plastisol ink. This ink is used in direct printing on garments by most screen printers and is widely known for its brightness and durability.

Silk screened transfers are printed in reverse on a release paper and are transferred to apparel using heat and pressure.

They can be applied to cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends and can be used on light or dark garments.

A “screen” must be prepared for each color used in the manufacture of these transfers. Setup and preparation costs of these screens are substantial for multi color transfers. However, these costs can be offset by printing the transfers in quantities sufficient to lower the per unit costs.


Email us at custom@barberandcompany.com for a quote.

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Custom Products

  1. Aluminum Car tags
  2. Banners
  3. Bumper stickers
  4. Checkbooks & Wallets 
  5. Coozies
  6. Dog tags
  7. Magnetic Signs
  8. Mouse pads
  9. Mugs
  10. Sandstone Coasters
  11. Silkscreened t shirts
  12. Sublimation t shirts
  13. Wall art
For a quote please call 1-800-448-3061 and ask for customer service
If you want to place an order please attach the correct size ".jpg" image(s) to an email with your specifications and address to: custom@barberandcompany.com
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Custom Transfers

About Custom Transfers

Custom products price lists

  1. Foil transfers
  2. Silk-screened transfers
  3. Sublimation transfers





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If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact returns@barberandcompany.com within 7 days of receipt of your order. We will replace your item or refund the full amount of the order. It is important to us at Barber & Company that your shopping experience is completely satisfying. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments. So relax and enjoy finding the perfect T-shirts and apparel for any occasion.